IHSDM 2010 Release Web Conference

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A May 19, 2010 web conference was held on the upcoming IHSDM 2010 Release. A recording of the web conference is available.

An overview of IHSDM was provided, with a focus on the major enhancements/additions, including:

  • The Crash Prediction Module (CPM), which now provides crash prediction methodologies for two-lane rural highways, multilane rural highways and urban/suburban arterials. The CPM is intended to be a faithful software implementation of Part C (Predictive Methods) of AASHTO's Highway Safety Manual

  • An expanded Design Consistency Module (DCM), which now accommodates both lower-speed (Posted Speed 25 to 40 mph) and higher-speed (Posted Speed 45 mph and greater) facilities

  • Enhanced Reporting capabilities

  • An expanded Tutorial

The IHSDM 2010 Release overview presentation can be accessed here.

An overview and status of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) was also provided. The HSM is scheduled to be published by AASHTO in June 2010. The IHSDM 2010 Release will be made publicly available in conjunction with the publication of the HSM.

The Highway Safety Manual overview presentation can be accessed here.