IHSDM 2010 Web Conference for FHWA FLD Staff

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A July 20, 2010 web conference was held for FHWA Federal Lands Division staff to provide an overview of the IHSDM 2010 Release.

The IHSDM overview focused on:

  • Typical IHSDM applications

  • The Crash Prediction Module (CPM), which now provides crash prediction methodologies for rural two-lane highways, rural multilane highways and urban/suburban arterials. The CPM is intended to be a faithful software implementation of Part C (Predictive Method) of AASHTO's Highway Safety Manual (June 2010; 1st Edition)

  • An expanded Design Consistency Module (DCM), which now accommodates both lower-speed (Posted Speed 25 to 40 mph) and higher-speed (Posted Speed 45 mph and greater) facilities

  • Enhanced Reporting capabilities

  • An expanded Tutorial

The IHSDM 2010 Release overview presentation can be accessed here.