IHSDM 2011 Release Web Conference

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An October 19, 2011 web conference was held on the new IHSDM 2011 Release. A recording of the web conference is available.

An overview of IHSDM was provided, with a focus on the major enhancements/additions, including:

  • A Crash Prediction Module (CPM) Calibration Utility, which was added to the IHSDM Administration Tool (Admin Tool) to assist agencies in implementing the calibration procedures described in the Appendix to Part C (Predictive Methods) of AASHTO's Highway Safety Manual (HSM). The CPM provides crash prediction methodologies for two-lane rural highways, multilane rural highways and urban/suburban arterials, and is intended to be a faithful software implementation of HSM Part C.

  • A redesigned Intersection Editor, which now functions like the IHSDM Highway Editor (i.e., a navigation tree-based structure is used to organize intersection data, and different data views are offered).

  • Enhanced Help/Documentation

  • An expanded Tutorial: Lesson 11 (CPM Calibration) was added, which provides step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises related to the calibration utility.

The IHSDM 2011 Release overview presentation can be accessed here.