IHSDM 2013 Web Conference

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October 24, 2013 - A Web Conference was held on the IHSDM - HSM Predictive Method 2013 Release. A recording of the web conference is available. A PowerPoint presentation can be accessed here.

The webinar began with a discussion of the "Integration of Safety Analysis in Design" and potential IHSDM applications.

Then, an overview of IHSDM 2013 was provided, with a focus on the major enhancements/additions, including:

  • New crash prediction capabilities for freeway ramps/interchanges (including ramp segments, collector-distributor (C-D roads) and ramp terminals), based on draft HSM Chapter 19 materials developed under NCHRP Project 17-45

  • Enhanced Help/Documentation

  • An enhanced Tutorial: Lesson 4 (Crash Prediction Module) was expanded to include hands-on exercises related to the new freeway ramp/interchange crash prediction capabilities.

Finally, the new IHSDM crash prediction capabilities for freeway ramps/interchanges were demonstrated.