IHSDM 2019 Web Conference

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On November 7, 2019, FHWA hosted a Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) webinar on "IHSDM 2019 – New Enhancements Support DDSA". The webinar focused on recent enhancements to the IHSDM software, including:

Roundabout Crash Prediction Method – the 2019 Release includes new crash prediction methods for Roundabouts, which were developed under NCHRP project 17-70 and documented in NCHRP Research Report 888 (Development of Roundabout Crash Prediction Models and Methods)

User-Defined Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) - the capability for users to define and apply User-Defined CMFs is now available as part of the crash prediction process

A recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

A PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation can be accessed here.