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FHWA has established an IHSDM User Group.

User Group Web Meetings

The 3rd IHSDM User Group web meeting was held on June 5, 2019. Click here for a link to a recording of the web meeting, and PowerPoint presentation slides.

Major meeting topics included:

The Future of IHSDM: MRIGlobal staff gave a presentation on their on-going "Assessment of the Suitability of IHSDM as an AASHTOWare Product," which they are conducting under contract to AASHTO.

IHSDM Case Study: staff from Parsons Infrastructure in Indianapolis, IN presented a summary of their use of IHSDM for a safety study on an Indiana I-465/I-69 interchange reconstruction project.

• A preview of enhancements planned for the IHSDM 2019 Release (September 2019), e.g., the addition of "User-Defined CMFs."

Data, Data, Data: a discussion of data-related issues (e.g., selecting the best data entry method for your project).

Click here for details on past web meetings.

How do I become a User Group Member?

To become a member of the IHSDM User Group (i.e., to be added to the IHSDM User Group mailing list), send an e-mail to IHSDM Support at ihsdm.support@dot.gov. All members are encouraged to sign-up for the IHSDM User Group SharePoint Site. Click here for instructions on how to register for the SharePoint Site.

User Group Purpose

The purpose of the IHSDM User Group is as follows:

• Providing FHWA with a formal mechanism for obtaining input from IHSDM users regarding IHSDM, including current capabilities (functionality, user-friendliness, etc.) and potential future enhancements/extensions of the software. Input from User Group members will help FHWA establish priorities for future software development.

• Fostering communication between IHSDM users, by providing a forum for users to share their experiences with the software (e.g., success stories/case studies, challenges faced and solutions, building support for using IHSDM within an agency).

• Providing a forum for discussions/presentations on specific IHSDM-related topics.

• Serving as a beta test group. User Group members could beta test new additions/enhancements to IHSDM before the release is made available to the public.