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Most of IHSDM is implemented in the Java programming language. The the software developers currently use and deploy the Oracle Java development environment and runtime. The major functionality that is currently implemented in another programming language, and is not available for operating systems other than Windows, includes

  • TWOPAS traffic simulation (implemented in Fortran) used by the IHSDM Traffic Analysis Module, and
  • VDANL vehicle simulation (third party DLL) used by the IHSDM Driver/Vehicle Module.

The IHSDM web servers, build server and source control system are hosted on a Linux operating system (CentOS). Periodically, IHSDM is tested in this environment.

IHSDM (without Traffic Analysis Module and Driver/Vehicle Module functionality) should run in the following environments:

  • Operating systems supported by the Oracle Java 6 runtime (Windows, Solaris and Linux).
  • Apple OS X
  • Various operating systems supported by the IBM development environment and runtime including AIX, z/OS and various Linux distributions.

We do not currently package an IHSDM distribution for any of these platforms. If you have a need to run IHSDM in any of these environment, please contact the IHSDM support team.