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IHSDM users have a number of mechanisms for obtaining technical support for the IHSDM software. These mechanisms include:

  • Help line
  • Support e-mail
  • Training course
  • Documentation
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Online problem report/change request form

Technical support for IHSDM is provided by the IHSDM development team.

Help Line

Users may telephone the IHSDM Help Line at (202) 493-3407. The IHSDM Help Line will be monitored during normal business hours on weekdays, except for Federal government holidays.

Support E-mail

Users may contact the IHSDM technical support staff by sending an e-mail to Staff monitor this e-mail account during normal business hours on weekdays, except for Federal government holidays. Relevant questions and answers from the mailing list will be added to the IHSDM Frequently Asked Questions.


IHSDM-related training is offered by the FHWA Resource Center, through FHWA's Every Day Counts-4 (EDC-4) initiative and through the National Highway Institute (NHI):

  • FHWA-NHI-380071 ("IHSDM"): this two-day training course will provide participants an understanding of the principles underlying IHSDM evaluations and hands-on exercises using the software. The course will instruct highway design project managers, planners, designers, and traffic and safety reviewers in the application of the IHSDM software and will provide guidance on interpretation of the output. For additional information, see listing in the National Highway Institute catalog, Course Number FHWA-NHI-380071 at


In the IHSDM - HSM Predictive Method 2019 Release, documentation is available through a Help Browser, accessed within the software via the "Help" item on the IHSDM main menu. Contents are organized by main topics, including: Release Notes for the 2019 Public Release; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); IHSDM Overview; Acronyms and Abbreviations; Installation and Configuration; System Administration; Data Requirements; IHSDM Interface and Data Organization; IHSDM Workflow; Engineers Manuals; and Economic Analyses Tool. In addition, a Tutorial provides users with an overview of using the IHSDM software.

IHSDM Overview Presentation

An IHSDM Overview Presentation can be accessed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A set of frequently asked questions is maintained on this site from the questions fielded by the IHSDM support team.

Problem Report Form

If you have checked the documentation, the frequently asked questions and the IHSDM technical support mailing list, and still believe you have identified a problem with IHSDM, you may submit a a problem report/change request using the form on this page.

Privacy Statement: The data submitted on this form will be used to improve the IHSDM software. User identification (i.e. name, e-mail address and organization) will only be used in e-mail messages to you if you have selected to track this issue. All attached files and/or stack trace will only be used by the development team to address this PR/CR. The PR/CR summary and description may appear in future IHSDM release notes. You and your organization will not be identified in any future release notes.

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